[ On preparing to play Monty in CBS's "Vegas" TV series (2012) ]

For my homework on the role of Monty, there was nothing needed in my character development from the motorcycle riding side of it. I used to build custom choppers at one time in my life as a business and I still have five motorcycles now. I rode over 20,000 miles last year. I ride a lot and I simply can't wait for my boys to start riding with me when they get older.

"Vegas" is set in the 60's, so I read books and researched any image I could find for Hell's Angels from that period. I also grew my beard out to a ridiculous length. I rode with bikers and went to biker bars and hung out and drank with all my fellow bikers every day. I even talked to some bikers who were in gangs at one time and picked there brain for what they had to go through. I constantly watched movies about biker guys from the 60's on my phone and every night before I crash. I especially liked Marlon Brando in "The Wild One." I know it's before the 60's but that film was amazing and so was Brando in it. I actually had my biker crew in VEGAS copy one of the scenes background actions from that film for a scene we did. I showed it to them right before we shot the scene.

A couple of the biker guys on set told me, "I bet you cannot wait to get famous from all this acting stuff you are doing." My reply, "Why would anyone want to be famous, certainly not me." My only goal in an acting career is to be able to work full time as an actor and a filmmaker. When I get to that level, which I will, I'll be able to spend one hundred percent of my time honing my craft, writing, shooting, editing and scene study 4x a week. As of now, I take scene study 2x a week. Then, to me, my life will be complete because my job/career will be that of what I truly am passionate about.

To me spending your life doing what you love, is a true blessing, everyone enjoys different walks of life, so find what you love to do and try to make a living at it. Even if I make less money it'd be worth it to me.